About My Choi Siwon

Hi guys :D happy sunday ^O^ JESUS bless us...do you know about Choi Siwon ? about this boy ?

well, he is my boyfriend :) that's a truth !! ok, I lie ! hihi he is a member of a famous boyband from South Korea :) handsome boy, right ? what ?!! you wanna be his ?!! NO WAY ! he is mine :p lol oke, he is my awesome idol :) he loves JESUS Christ very very much :) hm, do you know ? at this last time, he is getting closer with our agnes monica :D keke I'm a wones shipper ^^ hihi if you want see the news see there ->>> click here :)

hm, back to siwon. CHOI SIWON is a perfect man in Super Junior. Leeteuk (the leader in Super Junior) said that siwon shouldn't be super junior member cause he is too perfect ! haha I think Leeteuk is envy lol oh yeah ! I have one pic that I've edited with my siwon wanna see ? check this out !!

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