Happy Fathers Day

Dear all fathers in this world :)
HAPPY FATHERS DAY !! have a wonderful day today. Today is your special day :D enjoy your day ^O^

Dear all children in this world,
have you given any present for your dad ? that doesn't must an expensive present, doesn't must a watch, a clothes, a shoes, a socks or etc. Just a little present but a special one. Do you know understand what I mean ? oke, I'll give an example :) there is a kiss !! a little present right ? but a kiss mean

  1. You care to your dad
  2. You love your dad
  3. You want him know, that you'll always there for him
  4. You want he always beside of you
  5. You need him
  6. etc..
simple right ? your dad will know how big your love. Just from a kiss. and, you can give a hug, a whisper him this sentences

dad, I love you... Thanks for everything that ever you give to me.. Thank you for being a best dad for me, thanks for your love, Thanks for your hug, Thanks dad... Happy Fathers Day
do sure if you say that sentences to your dad he will cry at that time (cry because he happy of course). If he not, believe me in his heart, he was so happy. And when you don't see him, he will cry. That special guy, that word, that kiss, that hug. that's all doesn't need any money. But, that's SPECIAL and mean everything :) ow ow, I don't have anything to share here anymore, try that ! and make your dadHAPPY FATHERS DAY

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