Don't too easy in believing someone !!

hello :) long time not writing here ^^ hiks I'm a student at Senior High School now T_T you must know that I HATE growing up !! when I've graduated from Junior High School, many problem comes to me -___- and once of them teach me to DON'T TOO EASY IN BELIEVING SOMEONE !! I'll tell you the story...

1 2 3 ... The Story... Begin !!

"Don't too easy in believing someone"
Write by : Eka Theresia Kartika Suri
Main Cast : Eka Theresia Kartika Suri

This story happened when I went to niagara hotel in parapat to have a retreat, I arrived there at 23.30 p.m. my roommates are two from my friends, and the one is the other person from the other city. ok, that's just the beginning and not important -_- let's go forward !! in the third day, after morning pray, I back to my room and my friends were waiting for me there. I open the room, take a shower and check my handphone. when I check it, I see my bag is OPENED !! I saw into my bag and my purse was OPENED TOO !! and do you know... I looked into my purse and I realized that my money was LOST !! shit !! I'm shock ! what's happen ? who stole my money ? I shouted to my friends and they looked confused. They went into our teacher room and tell her what happen, and I call my mom. My mom was shock !! aaaaah ><" I really don't want remember about that day anymore T_T but, ok I will continue this story. But I will make it shorter. I think my roommate that from the other city that stole it. She looked fine when she knew that my money lost. argh !! there are too many problem come after that T_T and now, I know... I have to DON'T BELIEVE SOMEONE TOO EASY huft -___-

Story End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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