My Bahasa Indonesia Teacher ;)

aloha! I wanna tell you about my Bahasa Indonesia teacher. She is a killer teacher (so far I see she look like that) When she came into my class, there was something that felt so... scare! ok, first of that I wanna tell you that in my JHS school, there was a teacher that have a scare genitals and I call her LUCIFER (you're right! I'm a naughty student) well, my Bahasa Indonesia teacher is more more more scare from lucifer (I mean my english teacher in JHS) when I saw her at the first time, I think I will dislike her. but.. Guess what ? She is my favorite teacher now. At the second meet, I can change my mind about her. I think she's a little bit good. she told us (my class) about many things! we meet twice, but I got many new things from her. I don't know her name cause she never tell me. But... her initial is Z.R. Ok, I think enough about her :) bye. And I learn something about her don't judge someone to fast, don't judge someone at the first meet

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