howaaaaaaaah !!! I'm T to the I to the R to the E to the D TIRED! grr! well, you know, at the first time we start study, the teacher give me HOMEWORK huft -_- well, It's hard being a shs student. And, I have a selection for an organization in my school. So, I'm really busy. Hm, I will tell you about the TEST!

1. We run around my city !! do you know how tired I ? oh GOD, I'm so TIRED !! I feel really wanna die :O ok that's wrong haha I enjoy that ;)
2. We stand above the sun on 14.30-___- we must do push up on the HOT floor argh! argh! argh! ok, that's too over.
3. The senior really really not kind, I mean the leader. Hm, not too, he kind too according to me. (I use he because the leader is a man) and, the other selection member say that he really like devil (honestly, I think he just do his work) I don't hate he.
4. We must drink a water that (I don't wanna explain it, so answer by your self)
5. We must (guess this please)

that's more more and more things happen in this monday and tuesday. Ok then, I just can say that.

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