Well, About My New School

Hello :) I'm really busy in this last time. yeaaah, I'm a shs student now. you know.. SHS! Senior High School. I do hate being a shs student. When I come into that school, we started STUDY! please imagine how bored I am-__- and we go home in 13.30pm. I always feels sleepy, hungry hiks. I miss jhs :( I miss rachel, debi and mirza. We are apart now. ok, back to my school. I don't have the photos yet. So lazy to take the photo. Fortunately there's wifi in my new school. I think shs is too hard, I have to be serious in study. It's about my FUTURE. The teachers are not funny! really, no one look kind. The rule sososo like a suck! and... my new friends.. not too bad but... I miss my jhs friends. Miss the moments in jhs. I do miss jhs. I become apart with zha, debi and rachel (once again I tell you)

I miss this :'(

This :(

Ugly Zha

and the crowded

Ok, cause I was so bored every time in my class, you must know what I do. I... make this

About zep

You must know, I make this picture become my laptop background

Ok, it's crazy! always about Super Junior

enough for my school (maybe) huft again and again, you must know I HATE BEING A SHS STUDENT
why we have to study? can't we be success without school?

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