Sorry mom, dad.

To. My beloved mom and My awesome dad

dear mom, dear dad.
So sorry...
I know I'm not useful for you..
I know I just make you hurt
I just make you cry

You always do the best
You always support me
You always love me
You always with me

dear mom, dear dad.
I'm not a good girl
I'm not a clever girl
I'm not a best girl

I'm a naughty girl
I'm a damn girl
I'm a shit girl
I'm a bitch

but mom, but dad
Can I promise to you?
I don't know whether I can keep this promise or not
But if you believe of me
I do sure it can happen

mom, dad.
In the future I promise
I'll make you proud of me
I'll make you feel if 'you're the best parents in this world'
I'll make you cry because of the 'happiness'

That's hear impossible.


Will you help me to keep this promise?
I do a damn girl.
I do a shit girl
I do a bitch.

Can you be patient until the time when I can keep my promise?

Can you keep do the best until I can give the best?

Mom, dad.
I'm not anything.
I have no anything.
I can't give anything now.

But mom, dad.
Can I promise to be everything when I being a woman?
Can I promise to have everything when I being a woman?
Can I promise to give you everything when I being a woman?

Dear mom, dear dad.
I'm not the girl who can say 'I love you mom, dad with all of my life'
I'm not the girl who always can say 'cheer up mom, dad' when you're down
I'm not the girl who will hug and wipe your tears when you're cry
I'm not the girl who will cry when she have many problem

mom, dad.
I'm a girl that love you in my heart but too shy to say it
I'm a girl that just can pray for you when you're down
I'm a girl that always cry when you're cry
I'm a girl that always hide all of my problem cause I'm not a weak girl

mom, dad.
I do can't say 'Sorry'
I do can't say 'that's my wrong'
I do can't say 'I love you'

mom, dad.
Sorry for being a bitch.
Sorry for being a damn girl.
Sorry for being a shit girl.

mom, dad.
Sorry for make you cry
Sorry for make you hurt
Sorry for make you down

mom, dad.
I hope you read it.
Cause you know.
I'm not the girl who can say sorry with really easy.

mom, dad.
If you read this.
Save this in your heart.
Remember this.

but mom, but dad.
Don't say to me if you've read this words.
Cause that make me shy :')

Mom, dad.
I'm your girl.
Who will being a success woman.
Will you wait until I can make you happy?

mom, dad.

From your naughty girl
Eka Theresia Kartika Suri Nugroho

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