We Will Waiting For You Beautiful Kim Heechul

Dear Kim Heechul.
Do you think that's a long time?
That's really a long time.
May I ask something for you?
Don't go.
Please don't go.
I'm not a petals.
I love Super Junior
13 boys that was stole my heart.

Dear my beautiful boy.
You will be a true man when you comeback.
We will lost my beautiful boy.
There's no lady heehee anymore.
Don't you feel sad?
Don't you miss us?

Dear Heenim.
Make me sure if 2 years isn't a long time.
Make me sure if waiting for you is just a nightmare.
Make me sure if you never go.
Make me sure if you will back.
Make me sure if now I'm dreaming.

Dear Heechul.
do you know?
You're the first boy who can make me cry for the other person.
how dare you make me cry :(

Kim Heechul.
You must know.
I love you.
I really love you.

Wo ai ni.
xie xie ni.
Jia you gege!

Kim Heechul.
Thank you for being a beautiful boy.
Thank you for make me love you.
Thank you for make me cry for you.
Thank you for shining for me.
Thank you for being a Super Junior.
Thank you for being my idol.

Kim Heechul.
Keep shining.
Keep make me love you.
Keep being my beautiful boy.
Saranghae Kim Heechul neoumu neoum saranghae

From a little girl that will always waiting for you

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