Bon nuit everybody! ;;)
How your day? Have a nice one? a sweet? a good? or the worst? ups. I just arrived at home and wanna post something here xoxo I wanna tell you about my 'english course' I study in not in a good course. My friends that older than me have a new phone. So I take some photos from her phone. I think I have a talent in photograph. But... My parents won't give me camera. Poor me. :( Wait! Wait! we back to the first topic. So I take some photo of my friends. But I don't take any photo of my teacher-__- why? Cause she(she is a woman) make a rule "don't play handphone in class or you will fine" So, all of this photo I take when she went out. check it out guys!

This book that we use for study :) I leave mine-_- and this my friend's

Who is she? The girl who have the new handphone haha

Oh God-___- that's all mine

They're talk everytime-___-

My friend's book

My book

I try to solve the 11st math :p

My friend's homework. This math! wkwk

well, this awesome me XD

There's many photos more. but but but I'm so lazy to upload more. Well, I have feel sleepy. It's time to bed :-) bon nuit everybody! have a nice dream :D Jesus christ bless you all guys!! abientot!

see ya!

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