Rachel Meliala

Now, I miss my bestfriend so much. She is Rachel Meliala. I hope I can meet with her. I hope I can laugh with her. I hope I can spend my time with her :( Dear Rachel, I don't have any nice words, I just can say "I miss you" We still bestfriend, aren't we? hiks Rachel, you should see this!!

Rachel, do you know what is this? This is my Bahasa Indonesia homework. About bestfriend. And I choose YOU!

Rachel, You know what is this? When I went shopping with my mom, I saw this one. Look cute. I bought 2. I want you have the one. So we have the same :')

Rachel's gift for me on my 14's birthday

There's no way to say. Everyday feels so bored because there's no Rachel beside of me


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