How to spell Siwon Choi?

Hello guys! Long time not talk :) Look the tittle ('_') hehe well, let's talk about my husband, Siwon Choi :p

Handsome isn't he? xoxo of course because he is MINE! ok ok, I'm not crazy. hmm well well a bit. I'm crazy because of him. Well, I'm a labil fangirl. L-A-B-I-L! so why we talk about him? because he make me got angry! >:O why? In his new film, Poseidon. I'm still a little girl of course, but but but. But he act for an adult woman!! WHAT THE HELL!! don't get what I mean? see the picha!

Teribble right?!! >:O

I gonna kill him! Well, if that just about kiss I'm ok. But look at that! that's sosososososo *speechless* well, although like that I keep love him sosososososo much! mhihi :3 Well, last words. How to spell Siwon Choi? M-E-S-U-M! kyahahhahaha *evil laugh*

Mr. Choi

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