Happy Christmas Eve!

Jingle bell! Jingle bell! Jingle all the way! Yahoo! Merry Christmas eve everybody! I just homed from church. No, not for praise Lord. I was there for GR. I will showed a drama (again). Wish us luck guys. I write now while my mom and dad talk with their guest. I use my aunt card provider to write here. Ahhh my card provider was so suck. But my aunt's was sosososo fast. I feel so dizzy now. I hope I can feel better soon. I feel so enjoy at church. The situation is so amazing. There's many Shaun the Sheep doll there. Wohoho the decoration is sososososo WOW! I can't stop laughed during the GR. Erick made me laughed until cried. He's really really funny! Well, I can't talk too much here. I have to take a bath. And hurried go to church. Once again, Merry Christmas eve guys! :)

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