The most bore subject is english. Well, it's not because the subject, but because the teacher. Really, I love english lesson, but not the teacher. His make everything going sooooooo bore. He is too old of being a teacher. Now, I'm in my school, in my class and write on my blog. The teacher is explain about "how to make a cup of coffee" who can't make a cup of coffee? Just a baby, sir. So why are still study about this. Err oh! I forget, I want to share some of my lunatic photos. Yeah! I'm a lunatic girl. Hahahahahaha. Well, it take in my living room at the night when I got bored in study. And...... it take use my laptop. I don't know where is it now? Really. I miss my laptop. It's such a damn day when it's not around me. I hope my laptop can be repaired. Amin. Just see how crazy I am. I'm a lunatic girl with many lunatic photos. bahahahahaha

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