I Wanna Be Like Him

Life is not easy. It's hard. Friendship is so complicated. Relationship looks so troublesome. Fall in love really painful. I have a lot of problems. Maybe that's because I'm a teenager and in a transition. Sometimes I feel like I want explode. Moreover when I remember about Rachel, my bestfriends. We are so far now. I feel we never can meet again. I always wanna be like her even I want to be more then her. She is a genious girl, and I'm a dumb girl. Is anyone know about Naruto? An anime from Japan? Well, I really love anime especially Naruto. The character that I love the most is Naruto, the main character. This boy really look like me. He try to be same like his bestfriend but he can't. He shunned by all of people in his world. Because of that, he always do the stupidity to attract the people attention. So do I. I always do the stupidity so people around me know that there me around them. We are alike. But not same. I always wanna be like Naruto that never give up and complain. He never cry. He always try and try again. He is so kind. When Sasuke (his bestfriend) wanna kill Sakura (Naruto love this girl), Naruto don't get mad and say "It's okay". How bout me? When Rachel never reply my text or answer my call, I always think "she had forget me". Me and Naruto. We are alike. But not same. I really adore Masashi Kishimoto that was create this anime. He is so genious. By the way, I think I will dissapear for next week because I have to face the examination. Wish me luck guys! It won't be easy. I wish I don't have to get a remedial. Well, don't worry about me. I still okay and enjoy my life. I still cheerful and do a lot stupidity. By the way I'm so happy for hear that Super Junior will released their new album! Yeah! I can't watch their concert last week and I promise that I will buy their 6th album. Mhihihihi:3 still save my money for it. Allright! Happy weekend readers! Have a nice weekend;)

P.S: Debi and I have a fabulous plan for Mirza's birthday. Wanna know what is it? Just see in the next post!

Quote: "Althought life is not easy, friendship is complicated, realtionship looks so troublesome, and fall in love really painful, don't give up and don't run from it. Face it. Be strong. Hold on. So you'll be an awesome person" -Eka Theresia



  1. hello elf fellow~ ;) wow, you've got a amazing thought. I like your statements: Life is not easy. It's hard. Friendship is so complicated. Relationship looks so troublesome. Fall in love really painful.

    But life can also be easy and colorful, friendship can be wonderful, relationship can bring happiness and fall in love can make someone prettier. :D hehe..

    btw, Do your best on your exam (hope i'm not late).

    Mind to following me back? :D


  2. hello there elf! I'm an elf too lol.. ah don't be sad :( keep strong, life is not a life without problems, ok? wish u all the best in life!

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  3. well ..
    waiting for your next post ..

  4. tes. tes .
    komennya gak masuk'' ni

  5. hi! Cheer up dear, and enjoy life! :D