May Giveaway!

I have following many giveaway but....... I never win it. I really not a lucky girl. Now I following 3 giveaway. Wish me luck and win all of the giveaway. I following the giveaway from The Sweetest Ecape, The Endless Wishlist, and My Random Thoughts. They offer many beautiful dress and cute stuffs. I expect so much for winning all of the giveaway. If you read this post, you have to join all of the giveaway and please don't forget to write my name in your comment there so the owner of the blog know that you follow the giveaway because of me. I will thank you so much if you do that. By the way I just finished my examination and have no remedial of them. Thanks God. But my biology mark is not satisfied me. Well, Just wish I can enter the science 1 class. And...... today is Mirza's birthday! We'll celebrate it tomorrow. So, the party will be posted on the next day. About the giveaway, you can see the banner below;)

The Endless Wishlist's Giveaway

The Sweetest Escape's Giveaway

My Random Thoughts's Giveaway



  1. I wish you luck ! I have never won anything in such things too. But I keep my fingers crossed. :)

    I love your blog, it's so... happy :) Ill be here often :)


  2. You got an award from my blog dear.. let's check!