Last Day in 2012

December, 31st 2012.
10 hours to go to 2013 here in Indonesia. I remember there are lot of thing that happen in this 2012. I cried, laughed, smiled, and got angry in this year. Like the last year, I've faced lot of thing. I'm sorry for not keep my promise to post the outfit post. My phone still broken. Hftttt I've no idea. I hope I'll get a new phone for the new year hahahaha I wish lot of thing for 2013. One of them is happiness. I want lot of happiness and I want to make lot of happiness. I hope I can post about my wishlist for the next post. In this 2012, I got 2 award form the other blogger. I feel so honorable for that. I know my blog is still nothing. But they gave me such a great award. Thank you very much. I also win an Computer Olympiad in this year. And lost the other one. Hahaha I enter the top 10 in this year, and I didn't enter it too. Such a yin&yang. lol. You know what yin&yang right? I wish we'll be better for 2013. Be happy for whatever happen. Keep smile though we face lot of pain. And love each other. No more war. I hope there's no more war. I hope Indonesia can be a better country in every aspect. Hope this country will be a developed country. Happy new year all of you that read it^^ Wish you have tons of happiness. Be happy!:)

Anyway, last night and yesterday I got little bit crazy. So I took lot of photos from my webcam. Hahahaha this is just for fun. As you know, I do a crazy girl. 
 I took it at the night when I got stuck when writing FF. lol 
 Just homed from church. Didn't know what to do then I did this. Merry Christmas!XD
 Black&White one. Hahahaha
 This is I love CSW. You know who? Choi Siwon hahahaha
 The un-black&white.
Without any editing.

Yes, I'm insane. Enough for today, once again happy new year^^ anyway, I can write Korean alphabet in hangeul now. It's not difficult. It's even so easy! I prefer Korean than Mandarin hahaha

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  1. Year 2012 wasn't lucky or great for me. I believe in luck so I was so unfortunate in that year. I wish year 2013 will be good for all of us :) And no one would spread a rumour about ending of world ;)
    Happy New Year :)

    Aree With Umbrella

  2. happy new year!!! you're cute


  3. I prefer Korean than Mandarin too!
    I know, the hangul is easy but the reading is quite tricky as there many exceptions :)
    but it is so fun learning Korean! :)
    and yes, I am definitely a kpoper!

    Happy New Year, Eka!

    The Sweetest Escape

  4. happy new year


  5. cuteee pic <3