Bye School.

Everyone is in holiday week already right? Happy holiday to you! So, how is your holiday? I wish you a fabulous one. I really really want to tell you about what happen during this one month. Sooooo, I've been accepted in ITB! Yeay! My favorite university in Indonesia. What is better than that? I've been accepted in my favorite major! Double yeay! I really really really really really really thank God for every blessing He has given to me. It's amazing, eum wait, beyond amazing! There's no word can describe how happy I am! And guess where am I? I'm in my dorm hehehe because I join the scholarship program, so I'm in dorm right now following a short-study program(?) I don't know how to explain the program. But it's fun. I've told you that I wish I could live in the dorm right? So here I am!:) see how kind Jesus Christ right? 

These photos were taken last month by my lilbro. The only one little brother I have. We are apart now. I don't know what to say but it seems that I will can't do any photoshoot anymore. hahaha I know all of my photos are bad (even more oh even most) but I love doing this thing hahaha. These photos to celebrate my graduation actually. But because I'm busy (as usual) I have no time to post it. Okay, too lazy hahaha 

I'm trying to be a geek in these photos but failed. I even look like Betty Lavea (am I right?). I love my skirt and the tee. Lily gives me the tee and I love it so much! Oh well, she just payed for it. I choose the tee by myself. I love my sunglasses. My mom bought it for me before I went to Jakarta for Mitsui Bussan Scholarship.

If only all of my friends enter the university, I would be sosososososo happy. But well, this is life. There are millions (I don't know for sure) students in Indonesia. And it's only thousands place available in private university. I don't think I deserve ITB to be honest. But God has given it to me it means He knows that I can right? So, I will try my very best and study hard so I deserve and am being graduated as a cum laude. 

I forget what to say. There are too many stories to tell and I'm confuse how to tell it here. You can see my Instagram to know everything that happen. Nandit and I have promised each other to post everything happen on Instagram. 

I'm in love with flipped photo recently, so I'm trying to edit mine like that but it was failed. Sorry if the photos are bad hahaha 

Taraa! An auntie is here!

The leather notebook is the only notebook I used in third grade senior high school. Fortunately I can pass the national examination well. Eum, I got 7 for math but it's okay. Being accepted in ITB is more than enough. My dorm is good enough anyway. Oh, I have to eat now. See you everyone!



  1. You are so adorable!!! Just followed your blog :)

    ♥ Erika from STYLE AND SUNDRY (http://e-rosales.blogspot.com/)

  2. Such a creative photoshoot. You look adorable in blue!


  3. Cute shoes! Btw let's join my first giveaway, for further info do check my latest post :-)