Holla, people! My college life has been started for long, long time ago. And though it's the second semester already, I'm still not ready for everything. I mess all of my quiz, examination, and practicum. I do worry about everything and still struggle to be happy no matter what.

These photos were taken on my last holiday. My face looked so pale (no it's not only because of the filter, but I do look pale whole the day) on these photos. Well, during my holiday I worry about my GPA. I don't enjoy any togetherness with my family. I know it was too much. But my college life is so hard.

But I won't give up on this college life. This is what I dream and what I want, I have to struggle, and if it's still not good, it means I have to try harder and harder.

When others say this semester is a lot easier than last semester, I, myself feel this is harder and busier than the last one. I may can't run to reach my dream, but I'll keep go on even if I have to crawl and left behind far away from others.

For those who struggle the same thing with me, be patient. Don't give up to fast. Every bright future needs tears and sweat. Success is not about not falling even once, but success is about falling for couple of times, and wake for much more than couple of times. Your happiness does not depends on other things in your life, it depends on you, yourself. You are the one who decide whether you want to be happy and face all the problems with your smile or stuck in all of your sadness and failure. 

Good luck for your life and future! Et voila les photos of moi. If I look fatter than before on these photos, your eyes are not wrong. I do gain weight around 12 kg. Duh, gaining weight is not easy. But eating if fun. Any suggestion?

My favorite daddy bear all the time!

Anyway, April Mop, boos! Have you make any jokes on your friends? Don't miss this year april mop! Have fun^-^

A Growing Mature Little Girl


  1. aww beautiful post! Ps. always smile and never forget or be tired to reach your dreams because it'll be worth it <3


  2. I think the first semester is the easiest, it's getting harder >_<
    I'm gaining weight too in this 6th semester huhu.
    Stay focus and never give up! ♥

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